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Companies of all sizes make use of time and attendance systems. These systems are extremely useful for various purposes, including recording when employees clock in or out, logging leave times, determining how many jobs an employee has worked on, calculating payroll and for job costing purposes. Time and attendance systems also track when employees are not working, for example when they arrive late at work, take smoke breaks, restroom breaks, vacation or sick leave.

Time and attendance systems such as these hold many benefits for employers, including providing full control over their employees’ working hours and cutting labour costs. These systems are effective in minimising over-payments, which are often the result of interpretation error, transcription error, or intentional error.

Systems such as these also eliminate many manual processes, as well as the need for staff members that are employed to maintain manual systems. This means that a company that makes use of an effective time and attendance system will often significantly cut the costs involved in managing employee movements and compensation.

The Simplex Time Recorders’ solution

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At Simplex Time Recorders, we sell, install and maintain (service) a host of time and attendance system products. Our products always deliver accurate and reliable results, and some of our products even incorporate tailored supporting software that accommodates certain “rules” according to which employee compensation is calculated, taking into account hours worked, overtime, leave, sick days, etc.

Since every company has different rules and regulations concerning time and attendance, these “rules” can be customised by us to suit the individual needs of the company concerned. This process significantly reduces or eliminates the need for intervention by payroll officers, since our products can accurately calculate payroll using software that is fully compatible with most payroll software, including VIP Payroll, Pastel Payroll, Quick Books as well as any other payroll software offering data import. By so doing, our systems ensure payroll raw data is exported directly to the relevant payroll software, thereby eliminating data capture errors and/or inconsistencies.

Systems of this nature also aid in job costing. This means our systems can be used to accurately calculate the labour costs involved in a specific job, in so doing helping our clients to create a point of reference when quoting future jobs.

Perhaps the most important function performed by an effective time and attendance system is that it reduces time theft/fraud. This means that employees will not have the opportunity to log false hours or abuse any break privileges. This, in turn, helps a company save on unnecessary and/or fraudulent expenses.

We offer a wide range of systems that can be customised to suit the specific needs of each and every one of our customers.

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